Thrashers Bike Club presents

Aldergrove Long

March 23, 2024

Filip Funk Photography

Now that it’s Spring let’s get Rolling! No better way to pay tribute to Spring Series than the Aldergrove Long course. When a race goes back at least 24 years we see no reason to alter perfection. THRASHERS are stoked to carry on the legacy this year in honor of EV’s epic devotion to the skinny tire scene.   


Tenacious Drew, 236-983-6995


Aldergrove Bowl- 560 Lefeuvre Rd, Abbotsford, BC

Schedule of Events:

Time CategoryDistance
10:00 Cat 1/2 Men100 km
10:02 Master Men90 km
10:04 Cat 3 Men80 km
10:06 Cat 1/2/3 Women80 km
1:00 Cat 4 Men70 km
1:02 Master Men of Leisure 40+60 km
1:04 Open Men 60 km
1:06 Open Women60 km