BC Cyclocross Championship

November 19, 2023

Here at the end of the Fraser valley the Regional Cyclocross Championship will go down. A contest. To see who is fastest in the glades and Barrow-downs. They will race their faces off in the grime and true grit; to claim the online glory as the Best in the West!


Drew Nelson, 236-983-6995, andrew_nelson@cargill.com

Schedule of Events:

9amRace #1Men – U19 / U17 / U15 / U1345/30 min
10amRace #2Non-Championship Citizen – W/M / Single Speed W/M45 min
11:15amRace #3Women – U17 / Masters 34-65+45 min
Women – U15/ U1330 min
12:30pmRace #4Master Men 45-5445 mins
Master Men 55 – 64 / Master Men 65+45 mins



Race # 5Elite Men / U23 Men60 mins
Master Men 35-4445 mins
Elite Women / U23 Women / U19 Women45 mins

MOre Info: