Thrashers Bike Club presents

Murchie Proper

April 13, 2024

Murchie West CCW by Stuart Lynn. A course of pure splendor and pure pain.

Racing the Rollers of Country Langley would almost be fun. If not for the Murchberg. 



Tenacious Drew, 236-983-6995,


Murchie – 788 Murchie Rd, Langley Twp, BC

Schedule of Events:

Time CategoryDistance
10:30 Cat 1/2 Men90 km
10:32 Master Men80 km
10:34 Cat 3 Men80 km
10:35 Cat 1/2/3 Women80 km
1:00 Cat 4 Men70 km
1:02 Men of Leisure 40+60 km
1:04 Open Men60 km
1:05 Open Women60 km

MOre Info: