Thrashers Bike Club presents

Murchie Proper

April 13, 2024

TLB Velo Photography

Murchie West CCW by Stuart Lynn doesn’t look that hard on paper with only 66m a lap. But we all know the climb up 232nd from last year’s Provincials course. For 2024 we will race Murchie in its unadulterated form.

No Pain No Glory! 


Tenacious Drew, 236-983-6995,


Murchie – 788 Murchie Rd, Langley Twp, BC


Coming Soon

Schedule of Events:

09:00ACat 1/2 Men101 km
09:02MMaster Men91 km
09:04W1Cat 1/2/3 Women71 km
12:00BCat 3 Men71 km
12:00BCat 4 Men71 km
12:02COpen Men61 km
12:02CMaster of Leisure Men 40+61 km
12:04W2Open Women61 km

MOre Info:

Coming Soon