Welcome to the Road Race Revival

General Team Classification

Green Jersey Contest

6 Race Series where intermediate sprints and final results will revel best in team and best in group. 

Points will be awarded to the placings of individuals within each race group. A / M / B / C / W1 / W2. The Points go to a racer’s name and the racer’s team.

Riders can earn points for their team within their own race. Points from each group carry the same weight. There is no limit to a team’s roster.

Points will be available to the top 10 placings in each intermediate sprint and the top 20 placings of the finish. Placings will be based on the electronic timing system.

Each race will have 2 intermediate sprints. The intermediate sprint line will be the same as the finish line. Intermediate sprints will be roughly at the 1/3rd and 2/3rd mark of the race. A whistle and sign will be used to indicate ‘points lap’.

The team’s points accumulate over the 6 races. The team standings will be available online after the first race and updated following each race. The team leading the G.T.C will wear yellow bibs. The racer with the most points in their group wear a green bib.

The top 3 teams with the most points will be awarded at the Series Finale.

The individual with the most points in each group will be awarded at the Series Finale.