Thrashers Bike Club presents

Road Race Provincial Championships

May 26, 2024

Filip Funk Photography

The 2024 BC Provincial Road Race will return to South Langley. 

Except, this year there will be no definitive climb! Finally, a provincial parcour for the Rouleurs.


Tenacious Drew, 236-983-6995,


Murchie, 23416 8th Ave Langley Township, BC


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Schedule of Events: (tentitive)

Time Category (Age as Dec 31,2024)Distance
9:00Elite Men140 km
9:00U23 Men 19-22140 km
9:04Master A Men 35-4494 km
9:06Elite Women94 km
9:06U23 Women 19-2294 km
1:00Master B Men 45-5478 km
1:04Master Men C 55-6478 km
1:04Master Men D 65+78 km
1:06Open Men (Non-Championship)78 km
1:08Master A Women 34-4478 km
1:08Master B Women 45-5478 km
1:08Master C Women 55+78 km
1:10Open Women (Non-Championship)62 km

MOre Info:

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