Thrashers Bike Club presents

Road Race Regional Championships

May 20, 2023

Filip Funk Photography

The Best of BC


Tenacious Drew, 236-983-6995,


Murchie, 23416 8th Ave Langley Township, BC

Schedule of Events:

TimeĀ Category (Age as Dec 31,2023)Distance
9:00Elite Men137 km
9:00U23 Men 19-22137 km
9:04Master A Men 35-4498 km
9:06Elite Women98 km
9:06U23 Women 19-2298 km
1:00Master B Men 45-5478 km
1:04Junior Men U1978 km
1:04Master Men C 55-6478 km
1:04Master Men D 65+78 km
1:06Open Men (Non-Championship)78 km
1:08Master A Women 34-4478 km
1:08Master B Women 45-5478 km
1:08Master C Women 55+78 km
1:08Junior Women U1978 km
1:10Open Women (Non-Championship)60 km
1:12Open Youth A/B (Non-Championship)60/20 km

MOre Info: